Transport to our water polo CAMPS from Barcelona

In the line of offering more options to families and facilitating the transport of participants to the WP CAMP water polo campuses of Banyoles (one-hour-drive from Barcelona), we offer the possibility of making the round trip by bus from the Sants Station in Barcelona to El Collell. Our monitors will be in charge of coordinating the arrival of the athletes and accompanying them to the bus and, later, to the facilities where we will celebrate the WP CAMP water polo campuses, SWIM CAMP swimming campus and SINCRO CAMP synchronized swimming campus. The price of this service is 25 euros for the round trip, and must be requested during the booking process on our website. If the reservation has already been made, it must be requested through the email

People of the organization will carry out the accompaniments of all the players from the schedules provided by their families. The scheduled hours of presence of staff members at the Sants Station and bus departures will be the following:

SUNDAYS JULY 15-22 (Sants train Station – El Collell)
From 1 PM Staff at the Sants train Station
3 PM Departure from the bus to El Collell
5.30 PM Arrival at El Collell

SATURDAYS 21-28 JULY (El Collell – Sants train Station)
2.30 PM Bus departure to Sants Station
5 PM Arrival at the Sants Station
Up to 7 PM Staff at the Sants Station

In case some of the participants have other time combinations or need the transport service from the Barcelona El Prat airport to the Banyoles CAMPs, contact directly by email at