The WP CAMP XMAS returns this Christmas

From December 27 to 30, we will celebrate the second WP CAMP XMAS water polo campus in Zaragoza. The EM El Olivar facilities will host this training camp for athletes from 2008 to 2014. This year, the camp includes a day of winter activities in the Plaza del Pilar in the Aragonese capital.

After the good reception last year, this Christmas WP CAMP will organize the second water polo camp WP CAMP XMAS in Zaragoza. With entry on Tuesday, December 26 in the afternoon for internal participants and on the 27th in the morning for external participants, the camp will offer 7 water polo training sessions in the spectacular facilities of the EM El Olivar.

The objective of the campus is to perfect the individual technical work of each player, combining it with sports and recreational activities. The WP CAMP XMAS will offer an unforgettable experience for its participants, incorporating the possibility of accommodation at the Sagrada Familia Residence, located very close to the sports facilities. As a special activity, participants will have a great time during a morning on the ice skating rink and floats at the Plaza del Pilar Christmas market.

Like the rest of our water polo campuses, the WP CAMP will offer optional transportation from the Zaragoza-Delicias AVE Station. Places on campus are limited.

For more information and to make reservations, you can click here. You do not miss the hype!