Open reservations for our top summer camps

The number 1 water polo campuses in Spain have open registration. The WP CAMP KIDS and the WP CAMP XTRM of Banyoles for July 2024 have opened reservations for their two shifts: from July 14 to 20 and from July 21 to 27.

After the record number of participants in 2023, the WP CAMP Banyoles summer camps arrive with the utmost enthusiasm for their 12th summer. In this edition, we will once again feature the WP CAMP KIDS campuses (years 2012-2014) and WP CAMP XTRM (years 2008-2011).

The water polo campuses will be held in the El Collell camp house, with high capacity for groups of athletes. There, we will combine double daily sessions of pool training, dry exercise and recreational activities proposed by the house instructors. Some of the sessions will take place in the spectacular Lake of Banyoles, one-hour-drive from Barcelona.

At the water polo level, we will prioritize individual technical and tactical work, in groups of the same ages and levels so that the participants get the most out of the week of training.

As every year, there will be discounts for former participants, siblings who attend together, large families and single parents who can prove it, as well as for groups of 5 or more participants. We also offer shuttle transportation from the Barcelona Airport.

And we close by thanking the collaboration of our sponsors Turbo and Snack’in For You. See you this summer in Banyoles!