New English water polo campus in Málaga

The new WP CAMP BEACH will be an English water polo campus in Málaga (Spain). It will be our most international project. To this day, half of the reservations are foreigners. Players from Ireland, England, Hungary, the United States and Sri Lanka have already signed up for the campus that takes over from the International Campus Waterpolo held successfully for two summers in Granada and Málaga, in the South of Spain.

One of the characteristics of the WP CAMP BEACH English water polo campus in Spain will be that all the dry sports and leisure activities will be directed by a teacher in English. In addition, a good part of the instructions given by the technical team during the water polo sessions will be in English and Spanish, due to the high number of foreign players.

Rocío Rus will be in charge of this area of ​​the campus. Bilingual Physical Education Teacher at the CEIP Athena in Torremolinos (Málaga), Rocío received this training at an American center in Los Angeles. In addition to having the B2 title of Cambridge, she has extensive experience in sports campuses and in the development of Erasmus programs. Rocío Rus was an elite judoka, remaining champion of Andalusia U23, junior and cadet; subchampion of Andalusia senior and third of Spain U23 and cadet.