Fantastic stage of Lausanne Aquatique

Over the course of a week, more than 40 members of the Swiss club Lausanne Aquatique have participated in their second WP CAMP STAGE that has featured top-level masterclasses and training sessions with water polo teams from Barcelona.

The Swiss club has enjoyed a week of WP CAMP STAGE in Barcelona with double training sessions. In the morning, top-level water polo masterclass with Miguel Hernando, Xavi Garcia and Sergi Mora. In the afternoon, friendly water polo matches with CN Sabadell, CN Terrassa and CN Atlètic-Barceloneta. And all this, with the logistics coordination of the WP CAMP staff.

The morning masterclasses have been held in the spectacular Can Llong facilities of CN Sabadell. In them, different technical and tactical aspects have been worked on, in coordination with the Lausanne Aquatique staff. In addition, we have carried out two dry training sessions under the direction of physical trainer Pablo Morillas.

To complete a round week, the WP CAMP STAGE coincided in the same pool with a stage of the absolute Chinese water polo team and included a day of sightseeing around the center and the beaches of Barcelona.

From WP CAMP we want to thank once again the trust of the Swiss club and the collaboration of all the clubs, especially CN Sabadell. Until next time!