Amazing evaluations for our water polo camps!

The three water polo camps organized by WP CAMP last summer have received a 9 on average. More than 70 athletes have participated in the survey we send just at the end of the water polo camps. The WP CAMP XTRM in Encamp (Andorra) has the better rating with a 9.18 overall. Followed the WP KIDS CAMP with an 8.96 and the WP CAMP SURF with an 8.85. They are definitely the best scores we have received waterpolo in the 4 years we have been organizing our water polo camps in Spain. This survey has the added value of having a large number of participants.

The survey also asked specifically about the quality of the water polo sessions. The notes have also been outstanding: WP CAMP XTRM (9.14), WP CAMP KIDS (9) and WP SURF CAMP (8.87). This demonstrates the excellent work of our technical team. In addition, we have incorporated innovative exercises that allowed participants to improve their knowledge during their stay on campus. Dry activities and the Turbo kit have had notes close to 9.

For WP CAMP team it is very important to know the opinion of the participating players, as well as their families. Thanks to its observations we can continue to improve year after year the experience of our water polo camps. The comments received and further analysis of theWP CAMP technical team are enabling us to start working on the new campus of 2017. The challenge is clear: keep on excelling in our fifth year. We encourage you to pay attention to upcoming news!