WP CAMP has the best technical and human resources in water polo camps in Spain.
They usually work in some of the most important water polo teams in the country, where they have
reached amazing goals. They all stay in the same hotel as the participants, being 24-hours available during our water polo camps.

Dídac Cobacho

Technical director and coach of the men’s senior team of CN Terrassa, in the Spanish Division de Honor. For 16 years he has led the youth categories in this club, where he has achieved great results with his teams. He is a reference in Spain.

Javi Aznar
Technical Director

Technical director and coach of the women’s senior team of CN Sant Andreu. He was technical director of CN Helios and CE Mediterrani. Born in Madrid, he was an international player. He was female coach in Baku Eurogames.

Jon López
Technical Director

Superior water polo coach, has over 10 years of experience in Leioa Waterpolo (North os Spain), being the coach of the women’s section and its lower categories. Furthermore, he is the coach of the first female team in the First Spanish Division.

Xavi Pajuelo
Technical Director

Second Water polo coach in CN Molins de Rei, in Division de Honor. As a player, he competed in CN Montjuïc in Division de Honor and in CN Askartza and CN Sant Andreu in the 1st Division. He was international with the Spanish junior team.

Sara Fernández

Graduated in Science of Physical Activity and Sport, Sara is coach of the youth categories of CN Coruña. She is also the Galician coach for sub14 teams that plays Spanish championships. Besides, she is a waterpolo player in CN Coruña.

Nil Martin

Children’s water polo coach at the CN Barcelona during the last four seasons, Nil was also coach of the youth categories of CE Mediterrani during two years. He played in the Division de Honor with this Barcelona water polo club.

Víctor González

During the last three years Victor has trained youth teams in CN Barcelona, the first historical club in Spanish water polo history. He also coached in the CE Mediterrani in Barcelona, where he played during four seasons in Division de Honor.

Edu Hurtado

Superior water polo coach and swimming coach. Eduardo has over 10 years experience as a trainer in the field of education during free time. He is coach in Leioa WP and has trained in CNW Sestao and Náutica de Portugalete (North Spain).

Chus Martin

First team coach of CN Atlètic-Barcelona, Chus Martin has a long career as a coach of the club’s youth categories. In 2014 he won all national titles, the European Cup and the European Super Cup with his club, the most successful in Spain.

Joao Cancela

Graduated in Sports Science, Joao is youth categories coach in CN Barcelona. Hi is ​​also in charge of the physical preparation of its senior team and collaborate with the national team of Slovakia. Joao has also worked in the CAR Sant Cugat.

Elisabet Gazulla

Graduated in Physical Education and teacher, Eli was coach in the youngest categories in CN Sant Feliu. As a player she was European champion with CN Sabadell. She was also an absolute international goalkeeper with the Spanish team.

David Carrasco

Coach and water polo player in CN Rubí. He is training the youth categories of his club during the last two years. David is also a water polo player of Division de Honor and has reached a bronze medal in the Junior European Championship with Spain in 2016.

Mario García

Second coach in Atlètic-Barceloneta he is also the first coach of its sub18 team. Mario is the coach of the junior Spanish national team. As a player, he has participated in two Olympic Games and has won several medals in international competitions.

Miguel Hernando

Assistant coach of the absolute CN Sabadell male team, Miguel is also the U14 coach team in this club. Formed in the youth categories of Real Canoe NC in Madrid, he has been an international youth player. Miguel won two Spanish league with Canoe.

Dani Pajuelo
General Manager

He has always been linked to the world of water polo. He played in the Division de Honor in CN Montjuïc and played for the U16 and U18 Spanish team, playing two European Championships and one World Cup. He has also been a coach, referee and manager.